Monday 21 November 2016

Pack Your Home Belongings like Professional Packers and Movers

Moving from one place to another especially with lots of household belongings can be one of the most complicated, stressful and time-consuming events of your life. However you can manage to simplify your residential relocation by hiring professional packers and movers but hiring the full service of a moving company can be also very expensive affair. If you are on a limited budget and moving for a short distance then you can reduce the overall moving cost by doing some tasks on yourself. One of the most preferred ways to reduce moving cost is packing home belongings on your own. If you think you can pack your belongings on your own then go with self-packing and save money. Here are some important tips for easy and safe packing of home belongings for a move. Have a look at them.

The first thing you need to do is sorting your belongings. Sort your belongings into categories like To Keep and To Discard. Make inventory of items which you really want to transfer to your new destination door step. Create another list of items which you don’t want to transfer.

Get rid of junk items, surplus items or items which you don’t want to transfer for some reasons. Hold a garage sale to earn some extra money and reduce moving cost. You can also donate items to a local charitable organization and get rebate in tax.

Gather packing supplies well in advance. Buy good quality and recommended packing supplies. Buy 25% extra packing supplies than of you need actually to avoid last minute hassles.

Recommended packing supplies are boxes/cartons (of different sizes), dish-pack boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, old newspapers, blank newsprint papers, padding/cushioning materials, scissors, knife, packaging tape, tape dispenser, labelling stickers, permanent markers, etc.

Have proper packing planning before you start. Pack things on the room by room basis. Don’t try to pack items of all your rooms in a single day. You must take rest. Pack items of one room at a time or in a day; and take proper rest. Label boxes on room number or other appropriate tags. Don’t pack items of different rooms in a single box. Don’t pack items of different nature in single box. You should pack items of same nature in a box or carton.

Wrapping items is imperative for safe packing. Before you place items in a box you must wrap the item properly using bubble wrap, wrapping papers or old newspapers. Wrapping will provide cushioning among items in the box and protect against scratches and damages as well. Also ensure that there is not empty space in the box. You must fill the empty space using padding materials like cotton clothes or wadded old newspapers.

Place heavier/larger items first and lighter/smaller ones later in the box. You should also not overweight the box. Keep the weight box not more than 25 kg or the weight you can easily lift because you will get difficulty in lifting heavier boxes.

Use appropriate dish-pack boxes to pack kitchen items like chinaware, cups, plates, silverware, etc. Use plenty of padding materials because such items are fragile in nature. You should be very careful in packing of fragile or highly breakable items. For garments you can use your suitcases. You can also use wardrobe boxes for packing of your garments.

You must read carefully user manuals when it comes to pack electronic items, kitchen appliances or home appliances like TV, Washing Machines, Music Players, Computer, Microwave Oven, Mixer Grinder Juicer, Refrigerator, etc. It is advisable that you should pack such belongings in their original packing supplies and cartons. If you don’t have original packing supplies then you should never hesitate to ask your packers and movers for recommended packing supplies for such items. You must defrost freezer and refrigerator before 24 hours of your move.

You might find difficulties in packing of your home furniture. But with some right techniques you can ease the process. You should disassemble the furniture into pieces; if possible before making them ready for move. You should wrap furniture pieces into old blankets in order to reduce the chances of getting scratches on furniture pieces.

Labelling of boxes is very imperative as it will provide you an easy access for your belongings at your new destination door step. Label each and every box properly with appropriate tags like FRAGILE ITEMS, KITCHEN ITEMS, BEDROOM ITEMS, BATHROOM ITEMS, ROOM NAME, etc. Also keep a list of items in the box.

You can really packing process for your next move easier by following aforementioned tips and guidelines. If you are still hesitant to pack your belongings on your own then it is advisable that you should use services of professional packers and movers. There are several professional Packers and Movers in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and other cities and towns of India that can provide your requited and customized services for your next move.

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