Tuesday 6 January 2015

Top Ten Packing Tips for Moving Home

All relocation situations need require proper packing of goods. If things are packed correctly using good quality packing supplies then it is certain that they will be transferred to the new destination door step safely. Definitely, proper packing of household items will reduce the risk of damages in transit. Packing up all household items correctly on time is not a fun chore. It can consume your precious time and efforts. But learning packing tips will help you achieve the packing goal successfully. You can pack your belongings correctly and make them ready for relocation like professional packers and movers do. Here are top ten packing tips for moving home. Have a look at them and use on you move; and save a significant amount of money reducing the overall relocation cost.

1. If you pack things on you own then you will save money. It is one of the most popular ways to save money and cut relocation costs. You can definitely pack yourself non-breakable items like shoes, books, beddings, etc. You can also pack yourself replaceable items like dishes, plates, and small kitchenware. It is advisable that you should not pack fine chinaware and silverware on your own. You should also not pack fragile or easily breakable items. Professional packers can pack fragile and easily breakable items more efficiently and correctly. Also let professional packers to pack your furniture, electronics & electric items, heavy home appliances and mattresses.

2. You should pack your belongings in small boxes or cartons. Don’t try to put everything into one large box; you will face difficulty when it comes to lift large box. Don’t overweigh the box. You should keep the weight of a box as much you can lift and carry it conveniently.

3. You should always pack your most precious items and important documents on your own always. Never let professional packers to pack your valuable items and important documents; like jewelry, hobby collection, sport mementos, heirlooms, photo albums, documents, certificates, deeds, financial documents, etc. These things should be packed and carried out by you only. Never put such items on the transportation vehicle.

4. Choosing the right boxes is important for safe and secure packing of household belongings. You should use sturdy boxes or right sizes and shapes. Use especially designed wardrobe boxes for packing of your garments and clothing. Using wardrobe boxes you can pack shirts, t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, jeans, pants, etc in well condition; and will save time on ironing later. You can also put your footwear and shoes at the bottom space of the wardrobe box. Use dish-pack boxes for packing of dishware like chinaware and silverware. Use plenty of wrapping sheets and padding supplies when it comes to pack fragile or breakable items.

5. You will need enough time to pack everything carefully and properly. So don’t go in hassle; and take your time to pack things correctly and appropriately. Take utmost attentions while it comes to pack fragile items and use plenty of padding supplies, wrapping sheets and bubble wrap before you place them inside the box. Don’t leave empty space in any box. You must fill it with wadded papers or padding supplies. Once you have packed things correctly; do not forget to tight them by strong strings and masking tape.

6. Once you have packed majority of your home belongings you need to notify your packers and movers about your packing preparation. They can advice you whether you have things correctly or need repacking.

7. You must not pack hazardous things like chemicals, poison, gas, cylinder, paints, thinner, kerosene, petrol, motor oil, guns, bullets, oil lamps, and anything which are explosive and flammable. Almost all good packers and movers will not allow transportation of such dangerous items. So be careful and get rid of such things well before the actual day of move.

8. Prepare you computer system and take back-up of important content, data and information. Unplug your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washing machine, and dryer before 24 hours of moving day. It possible; pack such possessions using their original packing supplies and sturdy boxes.

9. It is advisable that you should let professional packers and movers to pack your heavy and bulky items like furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, computers, television, VCD players, music system, etc. Such items should be packed in their original packing supplies and boxes; if possible.

10. Check all your possessions and boxes. Make sure everything is packed correctly and labeled properly. Proper labeling with appropriate tags will ensure for easier unpacking of boxes and items at your new destination door step.

I hope these tips and suggestions mentioned in this article will help you pack things correctly like professional packers and movers do. You will save your money and reduce overall moving cost by packing majority of your household belongings on your own.

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